distrib-u-tec Features

Here are a few of the major features available in distrib-u-tec:

OE Header
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OE Detail
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  Sales / Order Entry

  • Rapid entry mode, Order Guide mode, or traditional entry
  • Multiple order types - Standard, Advance, Pre-paid, On Hold, Quotes, Credit Memo, Pick Up Memo
  • Multiple warehouse sales capability
  • Auto-Routing based upon Customer's next available route
  • Customer order guide lists previously ordered products, quantities, buying stats, default prices, push items, and more
  • Inventory on-hand, allocated (pending orders), and on order (current PO) displayed
  • Selling Below Cost Notification
  • Integrated Margin  Management
  • Auto price based on Customer set-up
  • Catch Weight integration with picking
  • Lot and Best Before/Expiry Date look up
  • Report on lost sales due to lack of inventory
  • Generate special order request to buyer from Order Entry screen
  • View the current Customer account and drill down on past invoice detail from Order screen
  • Seamless integration with optional EDI, e-commerce Web based orders, and remote sales functions
  • Extensive off menu plus user defined Reporting functionality
  • Integrated Commission reporting

Route Setup
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Picking & Routing

  • Route Set up and maintenance
  • Zone picking or Order Picking by Date, Route or Route Batch
  • Master pick reporting
  • Ability to send picking data to mobile units, pick tickets or labels
  • Ability to re-number stops and shuffle orders between routes
  • Batch Release and Batch printing
  • Integrated with Lot tracking, Catch weight and bar code capture
  • Suggested picking based on desired rotation
  • Ability to integrate with re-packing or processing activity
  • Shipping labels
  • Pallet functions
  • EAN UCC barcode standards

Customer Setup
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Customer & AR Management

  • Customer data access direct from order screen with security permissions
  • Multiple currency AR and Control accounts
  • Multiple ship to locations linked to Main Billing account
  • Flexible statement options
  • Default warehouse and Shipping method assignment
  • Customer product code links 
  • Rep integration for account management & commission
  • Grouping & Reporting by "Bill To" and/or "Ship To" level detail
  • Customer order guides are created based upon sales history
  • Extensive credit management profiling based on dollars, time lines, payment history and status
  • Extensive AR and Customer reporting 

Pricing Setup
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Pricing & Cost Management

  • 5 level price default hierarchy including Contract, Price level,Custom price,Promotional price, and Order price
  • Ability to maintain price & cost by future effective dates
  • Ability to print price lists by effective date and other user defined criteria
  • Mass price maintenance functions
  • Ability to over write price on order with security levels
  • Seamless integration with companion Rebate tracking system
  • Multiple Costing data methods including: Average weighted cost, last cost,  landed cost, All-in cost with user defined factor matrix, market cost, default vendor costs and adjusted costs
  • Ability to have system fix cost errors and associated transactions in open GL periods by performing backflush functions.

Inventory Master
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Inventory Control

  • Product Group Codes, including posting, category, sub-category
  • UCC EAN Barcodes ( International Standard)
  • Catch Weight
  • Unlimited Multiple Units of Measure Handling
  • Broken Case
  • Portion Costing
  • COOL-Country of Origin Labeling
  • Up to the minute Inventory Inquiry
  • Grade/HACCP/QA Comments
  • Lb/Kg Conversion
  • "Age" of Inventory Reporting
  • Track Inventory at multiple warehouses
  • Lot and Date Tracking
  • One Up & One down Traceability
  • Product reservations by Customer, Customer Group & Sales Rep

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Purchasing & Receiving

  • Routine Buying based on products linked to Buyers, Primary and Alternate Suppliers, buying days and stocking level integration.
  • Re-Order based on fixed Minimums & Maximums or Average sales per Week.
  • Quick and Easy PO Entry
  • Multiple Warehouse Location Purchasing
  • ETA Scheduling based on Lead Times and expected Delivery Dates
  • Inventory Master Lookup & Supplier Order Guide Lookup from the PO Screen
  • LB or KG Conversion to accommodate supplier weight
  • View Special Order requests to Supplier (Integration to Order Entry)
  • Short Shipment Reporting
  • Buyer's Reporting
  • Buyer's tools - Auto generate suggested buying based on re-order points and other user selected criteria
  • Seamless integration with WMS Add-on

Vendor Management
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Accounts Payable

  • Vendor Account History available on screen or in report format
  • Vendor Discount tables can be set up to assist you in managing payable dates
  • Automatic Check Runs can be generated by date and Vendor type
  • Inventory Adjustments are automatically created based on the information you key into your AP Invoice
  • AP Seamless integration to P.O. and Vendor settings
  • Vendor templates for other-in costing matrix
  • Print Vendor Lists and Labels
  • Invoice History and Vendor Activity Reporting
  • Snapshot Aged Payable Reports "as at any date"

Vendor Management
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Bank & Reconciliation

  • Flexible and Simple Management of Check and Receipt Activity
  • Generate automatic payable runs by a date
  • Perform manual check entry
  • Reprint Checks, Void Checks and View any Check Entry
  • View all open invoices by customer and assign payment by selected invoices for each account
  • View any receipt entry, post by date, generate receipt registers and reports
  • Bank Reconciliation can be done by account and selected date

Vendor Management
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General Ledger

  • Multi-Currency at transaction level seamless with AR, AP and inventory
  • Multi Branch, Division, Department set-up and reporting
  • Integrated Financial Reporting
  • Comparison Reporting Actual to Budget, Prior Period, Prior year, etc
  • General Journal - recurring entry management
  • General Journal - Auto reversal tool
  • Full Audit trail
  • Drill down capability
  • Snapshot Format "as at any date"
  • Ability to set up any fiscal Year structure